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Sumitomo New Tire Dealer in Springfield

Sumitomo Tire Dealer in Springfield

As you shop for tires around Springfield, it’s easy to steer away from brands you may not recognize, fearing they are subpar to the familiar American-sounding brands. Whether you’ve heard of Sumitomo Tires in the past or not, it’s worth taking a few minutes to understand why these may be the next best tires for your vehicle. When you’ve made your decision, call MTS Express to schedule a time for our technicians to install new tires on your vehicle at your home or office.


Sumitomo, Heritage That’s Nearly 400 Years Old

In an industry that’s responsible for keeping you safe while moving about your daily life, history speaks volumes. Sumitomo Tires has a history much longer than most other tire companies, dating back to the 17th Century when Sumitomo Masatomo formed the Sumitomo Group. Initially interested in the copper mining and refining business, the group quickly expanded into other industries, led by this wise former Buddhist monk.

Fast forward to the early 20th Century, when the group started a partnership with Dunlop Rubber, creating the subsidiary Dunlop Japan. After World War II, large conglomerate business groups were dissolved and had to reform.

In 1963, the Sumitomo Group officially acquired the Dunlop Japan operation, forming Sumitomo Rubber Industries. From there, it acquired the Dunlop Tire Corporation of the US in 1986. In 2014, they formed a partnership with Goodyear Tire Company to produce each other’s products in their respective markets.

This history of shared ventures with other industry leaders has earned the brand a reputation for quality in the industry. Today, that heritage continues, with a focus on developing quality products that meet the demands of the modern driving experience.


Leading Tire Innovation

Sumitomo has made itself a leader in tire innovation with technology that has gained industry attention and awards. They earned the “Tire Technology of the Year Award” at the 2022 Tire Technology Expo for using hydrogenated polymer to extend tire performance life. This is the 4th time the company has received this particular award, with previous awards for their 4th Generation Run-Flat technology, their 4D Nano Design technology, and their SENSING CORE technology.

The 4D Nano Design technology is something the company is extremely proud of, which has improved its flagship winter tires and its commercial line. This technology leverages cutting-edge technology to measure molecular structure changes as they formulated a new rubber compound. The result was a rubber that improves fuel efficiency, increases wet and cold weather grip, and reduces environmental impact.


Best Sumitomo Tires

The leading all-season touring tire is the HTR Enhance LX2 for passenger vehicles. This has a treadwear score of 700, meaning that it lasts seven times longer than the control tire used during testing. It also received an A for the traction score, and a B for the temperature score, which is common for all-season tires. It comes with a 55,000 to 90,000-mile warranty, depending on the speed rating you need.

The HTR A/S P03 takes the lead for performance tires. This rated nearly as well as the all-season model with a treadwear score of 600. It received an A for the traction score and an A for the temperature score. It offers a 45,000 to 65,000-mile warranty, depending on the speed rating.

For an all-terrain tire for your SUV or light truck, you’ll want to look at the Encounter AT. This earned a 600 for the treadwear score, an A for the traction score, and the common B for the temperature score. These come with a 60,000-mile warranty and are rated to handle both mud and snow.

Whether you’re replacing high-performance tires on your weekend driver or need to replace wearing tires in the family vehicle, MTS Express offers a range of options to meet your tire needs. We’ll come to your Springfield area home or office to replace your tires so that you don’t have to try to fit a trip to a tire shop between meetings, games, and family time. Call to schedule your tire replacement with one of our expert technicians today.


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