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Getting through the huge number of ads from the biggest tire companies can be one of the difficulties in Springfield while looking to purchase new tires. Yes, those brands make excellent tires, but should you also consider alternative possibilities, such as Kenda Tires?

Take some time to review the alternatives offered by Kenda Tires before purchasing your next pair of tires because you need the greatest tires when it’s time for replacements.

Whether you’re on the road, the trail, or the racetrack, Kenda’s excellent tires ensure the highest levels of performance and value.

Learn why Kenda is one of the top tire manufacturers and what to anticipate from your new tires when you order from MTS Express.


A Brief History of Kenda Tires

Kenda’s tire production history is such a fascinating one and has continued to evolve over the years with lots of experience and professionalism in tire design and manufacture.

In Yuanlin, Taiwan, Kenda tires was first founded in 1962. The company first produced motorcycle and scooter tires in 1970, and then in 1978, it moved on to producing lawn and garden tires.

In 1983, the company expanded its product line to include trailer tires, and in 1991, it established its global headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

In Kunshan, China, Kenda created a joint venture with Cooper tires in 2004 after beginning to produce passenger car radial tires in 2001.

The cost and the tread pattern are what set Kenda tires apart. When choosing Kenda tires, it’s comforting to know that the tread design wasn’t relegated to low quality to achieve a lower price.


Kenda All Season Tires

A general-purpose tire that provides adequate handling and control in both the summer and winter is an all-season tire.

If you need this type of tire for your vehicle, that is exactly what you’ll find when you invest in Kenda tires.

Below are some of the top-rated Kenda all-season tires for you

1.    Kenetica KR17

A touring tire made to accommodate the requirements of various drivers. It provides dependability and safety for an amazing price!

The all-season tread pattern on the Kenetica provides great traction in a range of challenging circumstances, earning it an M&S grade.

The high modulus, low shrinkage carcass, and random variable pitch tread design greatly minimize noise while improving driving comfort.

2.    Klever A/T KR28

It is designed for durability and quiet refinement. It has a thick, symmetrical tread pattern with deep sipes to enhance handling, traction, and grip on all kinds of roads, including dry, rainy, and snowy ones.

To prevent hydroplaning, aquaplaning, or a general lack of grip on the slick or muddy ground, the tire also has four large circumferential grooves and a staggered tread pattern.


3.    Vezda KR205

Our grand touring all-season tire, the Kenda Vezda Touring A/S, is made for owners of touring and luxury touring cars.

With a 620A Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG), the Vezda KR205 blends the comfort and ride of a touring tire with the precise handling demanded by discerning drivers.

The tire, designed for a variety of weather conditions, is lighter and quieter while yet offering great wet braking and all-year traction, including light snow.

The 65,000-mile guarantee and refined all-season tread compound molded into the asymmetric tread design of the Vezda Touring A/S satisfy the need for wear. It has four grooves designed to prevent hydroplaning and Kenda’s patented pitch sequencing for less noise.


Contact us for High-Quality Kenda Tires

Just about every tire shop in Springfield sells Kenda tires. However, bringing the tire shop to you saves you the time and trouble of going shopping.

When you’re ready to install a new set, call MTS Express to avoid the inconvenience of visiting a tire store and obtaining the precise tire you desire.

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