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5 Reasons to use Mobile Tire Repair in Springfield

Mobile Tire Repair in Springfield Missouri

When it comes to owning a car around Springfield, having to deal with tire repair is a pain. You usually find you have a flat at the worst times, only to interrupt your routine to get back on the road. Here are five ways mobile tire repair in Springfield with MTS Express takes the pain out of tire problems.


1. Lower Risk of Accidents

The NHTSA reports there are roughly 11,000 accidents every year due to tire problems, including 500 about 500 fatalities. You significantly increase the risk of being involved in one of these accidents when you choose to drive knowing you need tire repair in Springfield.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach means having to get your car to the tire shop to get the repair. You’re either left getting towed, or driving on damaged tires to get to the shop. Some people will even drive from one air station to another to get to the tire store of their choice.

Mobile tire repair takes a different approach to help reduce this risk. Rather than trying to get your car to the tire shop, the tire shop comes to you and provides the same level of service.


2. More Convenient Tire Repair in Springfield

Because the shop comes to you, it is much more convenient. Many tire shops operate on a first-come-first-served basis. This leaves you trying to get to the tire shop when the shop first opens to avoid consuming your entire day.

A mobile repair service meets you at your home or office and brings the shop. This allows you to continue to enjoy your weekend, or continue being producing while getting your tires replaced. It also means you can likely count on the time window for your repair, rather than waiting for your turn.


3. Less Time Consuming

Trying to go to a traditional tire shop leaves you rearranging your entire day, with no guarantee of how long it’ll take. This is in part because you never know how many people will be there before you. Then you have to wait the entire time at the shop, or arrange for a ride to leave if you prefer not to wait.

In addition to the time waiting at the shop, you also have to consider the time getting your vehicle to the shop. You can easily add at least an hour of your day just getting your vehicle, to and from the shop. If you have to get a tow, plan on at least two hours.

With a mobile service, there is no waiting in line, or occupying a seat in the waiting room. Rather, you can work, enjoy your family, or participate in your hobby while a technician services your tires. The only time you’ll actually spend is the few minutes interacting with your tech before and after the repair.


4. Cost Effective

When you visit a traditional tire shop, your costs include more than just an hourly labor rate and supplies. Rather, these shops have overhead expenses for the building, oftentimes they have franchise fees, and more.

MTS Express offers an independent mobile tire service around Springfield. This means the overhead is much less, allowing us to pass on the savings directly to you.

However, that savings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice service or quality. Our techs come with full shop capabilities, allowing them to handle any repair you may need. This includes not only repairs, but full tire replacement and balancing when needed.


5. Peace of Mind

Even if you pay close attention to your tires, you may end up with some tire damage. This may come from road debris, a pothole, or more. Whether you’re on a road trip, or just traveling around Springfield, knowing you have options brings with it a peace of mind. No matter where in the area you find yourself, you’re never out of reach from one of our mobile repair units.

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