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4 Things You May Not Know About New Tires

New Tires in Springfield

Cars are the backbone of modern day society and one of the parts that get the least attention is the tire. Think about it, when was the last time you really thought about them and how they perform? For most people, it is only when they get a flat or need to replace them.

There are actually some things that are really good to know that will help you get more out of your tire investment. The following four things are a great place to start as you consider the best tire options for Springfield.


Static Electricity Can Be a Problem

Common knowledge has said that cars are generally well-grounded for electricity. This has been very true in the past but has started to change as the composition of moderns tires has changed.

The modern tire is composed of over 200 different materials and chemicals. One of the common compounds being carbon black. This is a byproduct of burning natural gas or crude oil in a low oxygen environment. This dark soot is added to a tire to give it the dark black color as well as increasing durability and ultraviolet resistance. It also helps with the grounding effect as the tire touches the road.

More recent compositions have cut the amount of carbon black to improve rolling resistance and weight. However, that reduction has resulted in reduced conductivity to the ground. This means that more static electricity can build as the vehicle operates.

Static electricity may seem like a mere inconvenience that might give you a little prick. However, it can be especially dangerous while refueling. To reduce this risk, be sure to look for a tire that has an antennae thread in the design. This is a thin strip that runs the complete circumference of the tire maintaining constant contact with the ground.


Run-Flat Tires Can Be Worth the Investment

There are a lot of upgrades that you can look for in a new tire or in the mounting of the tire. Some have mixed reviews as to their true value for most users. So you want research those upgrades before making a final decision.

One such upgrade is the run-flat tire. The idea is that these will allow you drive on them after you lose tire pressure. The design is to allow for about 50 miles at about 50 mph. However, some people have been able to get upward of 100 miles on these by reducing travel speed even more.

You definitely want to consider this investment if you commute long distances around Springfield and want to reduce the risk of needing a tow.


New Tires Are Made of More Than Rubber

As previously mentioned, there is so much more than just rubber in a tire. You do have rubber and that interesting carbon black compound. Many people also know about the kevlar, nylon, and steel.

However, these just scratch the surface of what is riding around under your car. There is also cobalt and titanium to help the bond with the steel belts. That is a lot more metal than most people realize.

In economy options you might find fillers like dandelions, corn starch, wood pulp, or walnut shells to reduce the silica and black carbon content. These materials are generally easier on the environment.

You may even find citrus essential oils in some tire formulations to help reduce how the tire breaks down in temperature changes. We do not recommend sniffing what is on your car, you probably will not be able to smell if even if you tried.


Skinny is In…Again

It is amazing how the simple design of the tire has changed over the year. You have the tread design changing to give better performance. However, even the size and structure of the core circle has changed. Skinny tires, with tall wheels and a low side profile, were common in the 1920’s.

From there the tire got bigger while the wheels shrank. Now, we are seeing the skinnier tire coming back, and with good reason. With less tire material, you reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency. There is a reason why some things come back, now if we can just figure out bell-bottoms and platform shoes.

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