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New or Used Tires: Which is Right for You?

Used Tires in Springfield MO

Replacing your vehicle’s tires can be expensive, especially if you hit something and need to replace them unexpectedly. Given that, it’s tempting to consider replacing them with used tires available around Springfield. Before pulling that trigger, consider the specifics of what you can expect from buying a used set versus a new set.


Benefits of Used Tire Sales

The obvious benefit to buying used tires is that it’ll save you some money on the front end. Depending on where you buy your tires, you may save anywhere from 30% to 50% compared to buying the same tire brand new.

Buying used also helps reduce waste. In the United States, an estimated 290 million tires are discarded every year. Some of those are well past the point of offering a safe driving experience. However, some of them still have quite a lot of life left on them for anyone willing to get them a try, like the tires replaced at a dealership.


Where Do Used Tires Come From?

When it comes to used tires, you may think of the tires available from online marketplaces being sold by individuals. You don’t know much about these tires, but they seem like they may be good buys.

However, there are many other options for used tires than individual sellers. Rather, there are companies who specialize in selling these tires, and some of them may be good tires. These companies get the tires from any number of sources, including dealerships.

Some dealerships will install a new set of tires before sending the car off with the buyer. When they do, they’ll sell these tires to the used tire companies for a substantial discount. Those companies then sell them to people looking for the best tire deals. When they come from these kinds of sources, it’s very possible to get tires with better than 80% of the tread still on the tire.


Risks of Used Tires

Buying used has its risks as well, and should be considered carefully before making the purchase. The first risk is that the tires are used, so they have less tread on them than when they’re new. The problem here is that people selling used tires may say there is a certain amount of tread left. However, unless you’re well-versed in tire measurements, there’s no way to gauge if their claims are valid.

There’s also the risk of safety with used tires. If the tires aren’t mounted and removed properly, they can sustain damage that may make them more susceptible to failure. Further, these tires commonly have oxidative damage to the inside of the tire that isn’t apparent. When you buy a used tire, you have no way of knowing if it has sustained this kind of damage.

Then there’s the warranty issue. When you buy used, you aren’t going to get a warranty with it. Rather, if the tire fails, you’re left holding the bag, and forking out the money to replace it again.

Then there’s the task of mounting the tire. Unless you have the equipment to do it yourself, you may find it difficult to find a company willing to do the work. This is because they don’t want the liability of the tire failing once it’s mounted if it fails for some reason.


Benefits of New Tires

While new tires are certainly more expensive up front, there are many benefits to consider that make them worth the investment. The obvious benefit is that they are new, so you can expect they’ll have the full tread on them, and you’ll get the entire life from them.

Most tire dealers offer a warranty when you purchase new tires. These will vary from dealer to dealer, so it’s something to include as part of the details while you’re shopping. Regardless, if the tire failed prematurely, most dealers will either replace it or prorate the wear on the tire and offer a discount on a replacement.

New tires are also well-regulated, with each tire undergoing a safety inspection before shipping out. This guarantees the tire met certain safety standards at the time of installation.

When it’s time to replace your tires, skip the headache of getting your car into a tire shop in Springfield. Let the tire experts at MTS Express come to your home or office and replace your tires while you continue with your normal life.


  • Thank you for mentioning that buying used tyres can help you save money upfront. My friend reported that she needed to replace her flat tyre but was short on cash. I’ll advise her to purchase used tyres because they are less expensive.

  • I heard my brother is looking for a new set of tires for his truck since he’ll use it for work from now on. I liked what you explained about buying new tires that come with warranty policies to make sure you’ll have a backup if they fail prematurely, so I’ll make sure my brother knows about this before making his purchase. Thank you for the information on new and used tires and their main differences.

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