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New Car or Truck Tires for the New Year in Springfield

New Car or Truck Tires for the New Year in Springfield

You have a lot of vying for your attention at the beginning of the year. Regardless, the New Year is a perfect time to consider buying new car or truck tires for your vehicle in Springfield. With a company like MTS Express, you do not even have to make your way to a traditional tire store. Here are some things to consider as to why you should consider tires this New Year.


Distributor Sales

When considering when to purchase new tires, you want to think about when you will get the best deal. The New Year is a great time to look for sales at your local distributor, so looking for the best deals is always important. At MTS Express we offer a standing discount for seniors and veterans.


Manufacturer Specials

Another thing to consider is the specials offered by manufacturers. When you shop with an authorized dealer, you have the opportunity to benefit from rebates and offers from the manufacturer.

In many cases, this is a discount on either two or four tires. That means that if you replace an entire set of tires, you can save a lot. In order to get these discounts, your tire dealer must be authorized by the manufacturer.

If it is a rebate, be sure to find out from your dealer if it is an instant or mail-in rebate. The difference is who is out the money upfront. When it is a mail-in rebate, you’ll pay full price upfront, then have to send in for a refund of the rebate amount.

MTS Express is an authorized dealer for Michelin, Good Year, Firestone, Hankook, General, and Kelly Tires. This means you will not only get convenient service but the best deals for these tires.


Car or Truck Tires Condition

The condition of your tires is a big reason to consider a new set. Legally, you need to maintain at least 2/32 inch tread depth. However, anyone who has driven in the winters around Springfield knows this is not optimal for safe driving. If your treads are nearing the legal limit, consider replacing them sooner.

Also, look at how your car is handling during freezing or wet weather. If you are finding your tires are slipping more, or you find your ABS activating, have your tires inspected. Also, look at how well your tires are maintaining their air pressure. If you are frequently adding air to maintain their pressure, it is a sign there may be a problem with your tires or your rims.

Have your tires inspected to find out if they are damaged or if your rim needs to be serviced. Aluminum rims oxidize over time, which will lead to air leaking out over time. If left long enough, it can damage the bead of your tire, which risks a catastrophic failure.


Winter Weather

Winter weather goes right along with your tire condition. Winters in Springfield can change quickly, moving from dry to rain and freezing rain, and then to massive snow accumulation. If you do not have the right tread on your tires you can quickly find yourself in trouble.

Fortunately, the New Year is not typically a time when winter weather is at its strongest yet, so you may not have experienced all you will. Waiting until you have had an accident or slid off the road is the worst time to decide you need new tires.

The New Year is a great time to take advantage of a little extra time you may have, and the great deals. You can see the forecast inclement weather coming, so you know you will need to seek better tires before it hits.


Type of Car or Truck Tires

Dealers stock different types of car or truck tires at different times of the year. Sure, you can get all-weather tires throughout the year.

However, you will have a better selection of tires that will handle well during winter weather now than if you try to replace your tires over the summer. This is also a great time to get the discounts and rebates on these tires.


Extra Money Now

2020 has been a year of many surprises, including difficulty in finding the funds for maintenance tasks like tires. If you are like many others, you have or will receive a stimulus payment in the near future. A great use of some of these funds is to put safer tires on your vehicle. This will keep you moving forward into the New Year and coming home safely each night.


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