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As you’ve shopped for tires, Michelin Tires is one brand you’ve likely encountered at just about every tire store. Discover why Michelin® is one of the premier tire companies, and what kind of tires you can expect when ordering new tires from MTS Express.


Legacy of the Michelin Tires Man

Michelin Tires was originally incorporated in May 1889, with its first patent for the removable pneumatic tire in 1891. They produced their first run-flat tire in 1934, which ran on a special foam lining. They are also responsible for the invention of the radial tire in 1946. It was this invention that changed the course of tire history, and is now the basis for all modern passenger tires.

As of September 2008, Michelin Tires was the largest tire manufacturer in the world. To achieve this designation, Michelin acquired parts or all of B.F. Goodrich Company and Uniroyal. They continue the tire innovation with the PAX run-flat system, zero pressure technology, EverGrip technology, and the X One for commercial logistics companies.


All-Season Tires

The all-season tire is your general use tire that’ll offer sufficient handling and control in both the summer and winter seasons. Michelin has several quality all-season tires worth considering.

CrossClimate® 2

This all-season tire earned the Golden Wrench Best All Season Tire award by CarTalk. This model is perfect for passenger cars and SUVs alike. It’s rated for up to 60,000 miles. The tire continually tested with a shorter stopping distance in wet conditions and nearing the end of treadlife than leading competitors.

Defender® T+H

Ranked as the best all-season tire by USA Today, the tire is rated for up to 80,000 miles, and is good for passenger cars and SUV Crossovers. The tire uses MaxTouch Construction™ to evenly distribute road contact and extend tread life. The Comfort Control Technology™ also delivers a quiet ride through the whole treadlife.

Pilot® Sport All Season 4

The all-season model of the Pilot® is supercar certified and chosen by Chevrolet Corvette. This is a year-round tire made for everything from sedans to small SUVs. It’s less expensive than the Pilot® Sport 4S and also handles well in all seasons.


Summer Tires

Summer tires are specifically formulated for better performance in the summer. The warmer weather helps soften harder rubber material, which then help extend the tire’s life.

Pilot® Sport 4S

The Pilot® Sport 4S took the Golden Wrench for Best Performance Tire from CarTalk. Rated for 30,000 miles, these tires offer precision steering and control, in both dry and wet conditions.

Pilot® Super Sport

The Super Sport was the performance summer tire that has been a bedrock for Michelin®. It’s rated for 30,000 miles, with impeccable performance, including engineering inspired by the tires that have won the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. You’ll appreciate the long treadlife thanks to the Variable Contact Patch.


Winter Tires

When it comes to winters around Springfield, you’ll want a tire that can stand up to the cold, ice, and snow. Summer tires get too hard and lose traction in the winter. All-season tires are a good option, but lack the ultimate traction needed when dealing with the heavier winter storms. Thankfully, Michelin has special winter tires that’ll keep you safe throughout the season.

X-ICE® Snow Tires

The X-ICE® features the Flex-Ice 2.0 rubber compound, which helps provide ultimate winter traction. The tires feature rigid polymer microinclusions, which are like tiny plastic pellets that wear away and leave small pores. Those pores provide a small space for moisture to allow the tires more gripping surface, improving traction and reduce hydroplaning.

Avoid wasting your day waiting to get new Michelin’s installed on your vehicle. Call MTS Express, an authorized Michelin dealer, to get the best tires. We’ll come to your home or office to install them while you continue with life.

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