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So How Does Mobile Tire Repair Actually Work?

Mobile Tire Repair in Springfield Mo and Surrounding

All of us know how important it is to keep our tires in good condition. They are the first line of what keeps us safe on the roads of Springfield. However, keeping them in good shape is a whole different story. We all know how long you may end up waiting at the tire repair shop, especially if you are not the first one in the door. What if there was a mobile tire repair shop in Springfield?

This has led to the introduction of mobile tire repair services like MTS Express. But when is using a mobile service appropriate?


When You Need Mobile Tire Repair

The first thing is to identify when your tires might need to be repaired. It is obvious when you have a blowout on the side of the road. However, there are usually indications leading up to this kind of catastrophic failure. If you pay attention to those indications, you can avoid being stranded.

First, watch the pressure in your tires. If you are adding air to every few days, it is an indication there is something wrong. It may just be a problem with the bead seating properly with the rim. Whatever is causing the issue, it can be problematic if you ignore it.

Next, if your tires are cracked, it is an indication the rubber in them is not going to continue performing. The continual heating and cooling while driving, especially during the winter months, will only continue to weaken the tires.

Finally, check the tread on your tires. If you can put a penny head down in the tread and see the top of Lincoln’s head, you need to replace the tires.

All of these can be evaluated by MTS Express and repaired when needed.


The Problem with Brick and Mortar Tire Shops

There are several problems with trying to use a brick and mortar shop, especially during these odd days of a pandemic.

First, there is the obvious issue of trying to get your vehicle to a shop and having to wait for it to be done. This means likely having to take time off of work when most people have already experienced significant work interruptions.

Next is trying to find something to do while your tires are being worked on. In days past, you may just wait in the waiting room or lounge at the shop. You may watch some television and drink some mediocre coffee. You may bring a book and enjoy some reading.

On top of that, laws OSHA requirements prevent people from entering the shop to be able to inspect the work being done. You are left wondering if all the work has been done the way you expected it to be.


How Mobile Tire Repair Works

Mobile tire repair takes all of the headaches of a traditional repair shop out of the equation. When you determine you need to have your tires serviced in Springfield, you simply need to get your vehicle someplace safe. Most people will take their vehicle back to their home, to a workplace, or sometimes even to a hotel if they are traveling.

Once there, a mobile repair technician will meet you to evaluate your tires and perform the repairs. MTS Express’s mobile repair units are fully equipped to ensure your tires are fully ready to travel again. This includes a mobile balancing machine, which is key to ensuring the proper wear of your suspension.

Being this is being done at your place of choosing, you are free to oversee the entire process, giving you the security that the job was done right.


The Benefits During a Pandemic

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in how many people and businesses do business. You can no longer comfortably wait in a repair shop while your car is worked on. When you use a mobile repair service, you can continue working or doing whatever you need to while your car is being worked on. This also keeps you safer from germs being you are not waiting in a small lounge with others waiting for their own vehicles. It is truly a perfect solution for the modern needs of tire repair.

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  • Thanks for the info about mobile tire repair. My friend is having problems with his tires. I’ll share this info with my friend as he looks for a mobile tire repair service.

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