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Mobile Fleet Services can Save Time and Money

Mobile Fleet Services in Springfield MO

Any business that operates a fleet of any kind of vehicle around Springfield knows what a pain it can be to try to get the work done efficiently. Fleet services and fleet management can be exceptionally expensive, not just because of the cost of the repairs, but also due to possible lost revenue.

So you are always looking for how to keep your vehicles running optimally while reducing time out of operation. When it comes to your tires you have a few choices. You can choose to hire someone to do it in-house, take your vehicles to a commercial vehicle shop, or use mobile repair. Here is what you should consider about each.


In-House Fleet Services

The first option is to hire a technician to do the work in-house. This is highly convenient because you have someone there to do the work whenever you need it. However, that also creates a bottle neck. What happens if you have multiple vehicles that need tire service at once? It creates a situation where you may have multiple vehicles out of commission at the same time.

Add to this the incurred cost of having a regular employee that you may not need working on a vehicle all the time. Further, you have to ensure that the employee is a certified mechanic to ensure you are protected from liability in case something happens while your vehicle is on the road.

Finally, you not receive the warranty you would otherwise have when you take it to a shop. You can see why this particular option can be extremely expensive, and also time consuming.


Outsourced Fleet Management

The other commonly considered option is outsourcing to a traditional fleet services shop. Since these companies take on the overhead of certification and retaining the mechanics, you only have to pay for the services you need. Further, these companies are likely to offer a warranty for the work they provide. They are also very likely to be able to get parts quickly, whereas an in-house mechanic might have to wait for the parts to arrive.

This makes it sound like a very attractive option. The downside is that these shops are generally very busy. So you stand more of a risk of having to wait, sometimes a week or more, in order for them to even look at your vehicle, let alone get the work done. That is a lot of downtime of the vehicle you depend on to generate revenue for your business.

Then there is the question of how to get the vehicle to the shop in the first place. You will either have to drive it yourself or have one of your drivers or professionals take it. Then you have to find a way back to your own office. Once it is ready, it is the whole ordeal all over again to get it back to your business.


Mobile Tire Repair Services

The other option that is on the rise in Springfield is having a certified technician come to your business to service your fleet. This is the best of both worlds. You do not need to get your vehicles to an off-site shop, they will be worked on wherever you store them. You also do not need to keep an employee you do not need every day.

Mobile fleet services also give you some control over when the repairs are going to be conducted. This means that you can keep operating your vehicle if it is safe to do so until your appointment. No more taking it to a shop and leaving it or days or weeks.

It will help if you have a garage available for the mobile service to work in, but it is not required. The benefit is that if you have a covered or enclosed area you ensure the weather will not be a problem for providing the required repairs.

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  • I have an uncle who wants to start a trucking business in a few months, and he’s currently researching how to keep a truck in good shape. I’m glad you elaborated on how mobile repair services will travel to your location and service your fleet when you need them, so I think this information will definitely benefit my uncle’s future operations. I appreciate your tips on fleet maintenance services and which options they’d offer.

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