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Mobile Flat Tire Repair in Springfield

Mobile Flat Tire Repair in Springfield MO

A flat tire repair is never welcome, but Murphy’s Law suggest that it will always happen at the worst possible time. Either you are getting ready to go somewhere and notice it’s flat, or you are on the road and it blows. Neither scenario sets a good course for your day.

Until recently, you had to get your car to a tire shop in Springfield. You could hobble it there on a spare or get it towed if the tire was completely flat. Fortunately, there is a better option now.


What Is Mobile Flat Tire Repair?

This newer service is part of the growing options for mobile repair services. It started as windshield repair services, and has grown from there.

Now, when you experience a flat, you do not need to try to get to a tire shop. Rather, a mobile tire service comes to you. Just like during a windshield repair, you will need to have a good idea of whether your tire can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. This allows the technician to bring the tires to you if needed.

The only requirement is that you are someplace safe the technician can work. This means you will likely not get a new tire mounted on the side of I44. However, if you get your car to a parking lot, your house, or even your workplace, we can make it happen while you are busy with other things.


Can My Tire Be Repaired?

You will want to get a reasonably good idea if your tire can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced before scheduling your service. Below is a good list of what will require a full replacement.

  • Tread depth of less than the legal requirement of 2/32”
  • If the tire has already been patched in the same place
  • A puncture or gash in the sidewall of the tire
  • Other tire damage such as dry rotting or cracking
  • Your tires are run flat designated

If you have any sense that your tire may need to be replaced, be sure to mention that when you schedule your visit. This will ensure your technician arrives with tires if they are needed, saving you from another visit.


Do I Have to Go to a Garage For a New Tire?

Mobile flat tire repair is not just for tires that are can be repaired. Proper mobile tire shops, like MTS Express, will come fully equipped to do a full tire replacement. This includes:

  • Properly vehicle lifting equipment
  • Equipment to break down the tire
  • Tire mounting equipment
  • Tire balancing equipment
  • Nitrogen to fill your tire

Anyone with a floor jack and some tire irons can claim to install tires well. However, this does not ensure your tire is properly mounted with no leaks, and that it will wear evenly. The last thing you want to do is get your tire changed and find out that you have a hard pull due to imbalance.


Do I Still Need a Spare Tire?

If you can get someone to come to the rescue and fix your tire, you may be tempted to ditch or neglect your spare. This is dangerous, and yes, you still need a quality spare tire.

The reason you need a spare is that you do not want to be stranded should you experience a flat while you are out. Rather, you want to be able to put the spare on and continue cautiously to a place you can take care of your tire.


How Do I Find a Mobile Flat Tire Repair Provider?

If you experience a flat tire while around Springfield, just keep our number in your phone. However, if you are traveling outside the Springfield area, you may need to find a mobile tire service wherever you are.

Just do a search for mobile tire service in your favorite map app, then look for a few things.

  • Certified technicians
  • Licensed and insured
  • Background checks on technicians

All of this ensures your safety is paramount when receiving mobile tire repair service. If any of these are missing, continue looking for other options.


Is Pricing More Expensive for Mobile Flat Tire Repair?

In some industries, you would expect to pay a premium for a professional to travel to you. However, a professional mobile service will be competitive to what you would pay in a brick and mortar shop. Plus you do not have to play the first-come-first-served game that happens at most shops. You schedule a technician, and the work is done on time. If you need to replace your tires, you can even order your tires from an independent dealer and have them installed by a mobile service. This provides a lot more flexibility to getting exactly the tires you want.

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