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Should You Consider Financing New Tires?

Financing Your New Tires in Springfield, MO

It’s easy to look at tires and ignore the fact that your car needs a new set. However, without that set, you’re at greater risk of ending up without a car or worse. Consider why replacing your tires is so important, when you should do so, and when to consider financing new tires for your vehicle.


Why Replacing Your Tires Is So Important

Before discussing when to consider financing new tires, it’s essential to understand why they are so critical. Beyond ensuring your car can easily roll down the road, your tires are a critical piece to controlling your vehicle.

Your tires provide the traction on the road to allow you to steer and accelerate. Beyond that, it’s your tires that also allows for effective braking. Without sufficient tread, your car would only slide while trying to brake, taking substantially longer to slow and stop.

While you may not feel the full implications of wearing tires on a normal, dry day, as soon as it rains or snows in Springfield, you’ll struggle for control. Get in an accident with balding tires, and you could end up with a substantial ticket on top of the damage.


When Should You Replace Your Tires?

It’s obvious that if your tires are damaged, they should be replaced. However, that’s not the only time you should consider getting a new set. Ideally, when you do replace a tire, replace the entire set. If you can’t replace an entire set, be sure to replace either both front or both back tires to provide even traction. A four-wheel drive vehicle will likely need a full set of four when you start replacing tires. Too much difference between the front and the back tires will damage your transmission.

Keep an eye on your tread and replace your tires when the tread starts wearing down. The actual measurement is 2/32 of an inch of tread. You can use a tire tread depth gauge, or you can use a simple penny. Turn the penny upside down, and insert it into the thread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then you need to replace your tires.

Look for damage to the tire as well, which would include unusual wear of the tread. When this happens, it’ll prevent the tire from properly gripping the road. If this is the case, you have a mechanical issue that needs resolving. Consider the following situations where it may be appropriate to finance new tires.


The Price of New Tires Would Drain Your Resources

Tires can be expensive, especially if you weren’t budgeting for it since your last set. If a new set of tires would substantially drain your financial resources, you may want to consider a financing option. It may be easier to spread out the cost over several months to ease the burden.


It’s a Choice Between Housing and Tires

Timing is sometimes everything when it comes to financial expenditures. However, you can’t always control when you’ll need new tires, including when your tires sustained damage. If the timing presents a conflict where you have to choose between another bill and paying for tires, financing may be a good option. In these cases, you may only need short-term financing, and may be able to find an option with no interest.


Financing New Tires Makes Purchasing Easier

Purchasing tires can seem complicated between the cost of tires and all the different options available. Financing new tires can make it easier to focus on getting the right tires for your car, rather than trying to figure out where you’ll get the funds.

MTS Express offers tire financing to people around Springfield through a trusted third-party vendor. Call to schedule a visit to your home or office, to easily replace or service the tires on your car today.

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