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How Important is Rotating Tires on Your Vehicle?

Springfield Tire Rotating Services

No matter where you have had tire work done on your car in Springfield, you have likely heard about rotating your tires. However, do you truly understand what it is and why it is the single most important maintenance task for your tires? MTS Express offers on-site rotation, so you can easily build it into your day.


Understanding Tire Rotation

Yes, your tires rotate while traveling down the road. The service removes the entire wheel and puts it on a different corner of the car. There is nothing haphazard about how this is done, but uses a specific pattern, usually stipulated by your car’s manufacturer.

The drivetrain you have, along with the kinds of tires you select will all play a role in how your tires should be rotated. If you have a front-wheel drive, you will need a different rotation than an all-wheel drive. A rear-wheel will need something different from a four-wheel drive. Likewise, some tires are directional, so where they sit on your car is important.


The Importance of Rotating Tires as Part of Maintenance

As your car rolls down the road, they wear a little differently depending on their location. For instance, the tires on your drive wheels may wear more quickly. If you have a bearing or strut going out, that will cause the tire to wear in an unbalanced way.

By rotating your tires regularly, you even out how each tire wears, thereby extending the overall life of the set. It also helps extend the life of your suspension and catches problems early allowing you to fix them before they grow.


The Best Method of Rotation

When it comes to how to rotate your tires, you have probably heard an abundance of differing opinions from so-called experts. Let’s cut through the noise and get down to the facts.

The best bet is to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Generally, you will probably see the following based on the type of drivetrain you have.

  • Front-Wheel Drive – Forward Cross or X-cross pattern
  • Rear-Wheel Drive – Rearward Cross
  • 4WD or AWD – Rearward Cross

Then you have a couple of unique situations, including different size front and back tires, and directional tires. Here’s what you will likely see for these.

  • Directional Tires – Front-to-rear
  • Staggered Sizes – Side-to-side


Forego the Lobby Wait for Simple Ration Service

Many people fail to rotate their tires regularly for one reason alone…it’s inconvenient. And unlike having your tires repaired or replaced, you may not notice the effects of skipping this maintenance for months. However, it eventually leads to needing to replace tires before the entire set has met its expected service life.

That is where mobile tire services like MTS Express come in. Rather than trying to find time to take your car to the shop to be rotated and balanced, our shop comes to you. Whether you need us at your home or office in Springfield, we can get this important maintenance completed while you continue with the rest of life.

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