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Reasons That Tires Go Flat

Flat Tire Repair in Springfield, MO by MTS Express Mobile Flat Tire Repair

A flat tire is the last thing you want to deal with while commuting around Springfield, but it inevitably happens. The best way to combat this is to know what causes them, and what you can do to prevent it from happening. Here are the leading causes of flat tires, both spontaneous blowouts and slow leaks, and how you can avoid them.


Physical Damage Flat Tire

One of the leading causes of flat tires is physical damage to the tire itself. Most people think about the damage caused by driving and running over something. This kind of damage commonly causes a puncture in the tire, which allows air to leak out. Punctures may not be apparent until a technician does a tire bath or other method of checking for air leaks.

You may also get physical damage to the tire from potholes or curb rash. These will often weaken the tire and cause larger holes in the tire sidewall. There is also damage caused by vandalism, such as someone slashing your tire with a knife or some other sharp object.

The best way to avoid physical damage to your tire is to exercise caution where you drive. Briefly look at your tires every time you drive to make sure they aren’t running low before getting on the road. If you find they are low or flat, give MTS Express a call to come to your location and get it fixed to avoid any further damage.


Rim Damage

Damage to your rims can also let air leak from your tire, leading to a flat. Some damage is caused by hitting potholes or other road hazards, which may dent the rim.

Aluminum rims are also notorious for leaking over time due to oxidation. This is the reaction between the air in the aluminum that slowly loosens the seal between the tire and rim. Not all damage to the rim means you have to replace it, so working with an experienced tire technician may end up saving you some money.


Bad Valve Stems

Your valve stems can easily lead to leaking and a flat tire. Modern valve stems are typically rubber, which can leak if it’s not seated properly. Further, the rubber can erode over time, leading to a leak and flat tire.


Aging Tires

Tires are commonly rated for the number of miles they should last. However, time can also wear on tires, especially with the hot temperatures in the summer and the cold in the winters around Springfield. Age will eventually cause dry rot in these tires, which will cause them to leak and go flat. Keep an eye on the physical condition of your tires, watching for cracks in the sidewalls.



Temperatures are also a major consideration for keeping tired inflated. While hot temperatures can certainly cause problems, the bigger problem is the cold. Air compresses in the cold, which leads to under inflated tires. Under inflation damages the bead that seals the tire to the wheel, allowing it to leak. Once this damage occurs, it cannot be repaired, so keep an eye on your tire pressure and add to air as the temperatures drop.


Poor Maintenance

You may not realize it, but your tires do need regular maintenance that includes balancing and rotating. Neglecting this maintenance causes the tires to wear unevenly, leading to weak areas in the tire. These weak areas are prone to leakage or causing the tire to fail completely.


Defective Manufacturing

While it is relatively rare, some tires have manufacturing defects, which will cause problems with the tire going flat. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict a manufacturing defect until there’s a problem. As a standard course of action, do a quick visual check of your tires before driving your car to ensure they don’t look flat.

Getting a flat tire fixed is a pain while you try to get your car to a shop without ruining your tire and rims. Fortunately, you no longer have to go through the tedious and time-consuming route of going to a brick and mortar tire shop. Rather, have a mobile tire service, like MTS Express, come straight to you and get all the same service at your home or office.


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